We publish twice a year:  Summer and Winter.  The submission period for the Summer issue is January 1 to March 15 and July 1 to September 15 for the Winter issue.

We accept poetry by individuals with a disability and poetry with a disability-related theme.  If you are an adult with a disability, or part of the disability community as a family member, caregiver, special educator, or in any way connected to the community, we want to see your disability-related poetry.

Although the majority of our published submissions are by adults, we try to include a piece or two by a child with a disability in each issue.  Even better if it’s hand-written and can be scanned and emailed or mailed.  Writing by children does not need to be Pulitzer Prize ready or have a disability-related theme.

We do not have any specific aesthetic criteria, except to say that we seek pieces of quality that demonstrate the writer’s attention to the piece.  Submissions by/on behalf of children are an exception.  We will not consider any writing that purposefully exploits or demeans.  We read each submission carefully and appreciate the care that went into writing it.

In the subject line of your email, please type your first initial and last name, then “poetry submission”, and date of submission as in:  “M. Smith, poetry submission, January 17, 2014.”

In the body of the email, briefly tell us how you found Pentimento.

Submit no more than three poems a submission period.  The deadlines are March 15 for the June issue and September 15 for the December issue.

Cover letter, brief bio, and the submission(s) should be together as ONE document attached to your email.  We require submissions in Microsoft Word (.doc) or (.docx), single-spaced in 12-point font such as Times, Times New Roman, or Courier.  Poems longer than two (2) pages will not be considered.

On the submission itself, please include the author’s name, address, disability, or connection to the disability community as a header on each page.

In your cover letter, please include your name, address, email, disability, or your connection to the disability community, and a brief bio that includes any previous publication credits or awards, if any.  Please list the title (s) of the works submitted.

We are committed to publishing new writers as well as experienced ones.

Our first commitment is to unpublished works; but we will also consider works that have been published previously.  Please include the place of first publication at the bottom of the submission.  Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as you keep us informed of the publication status.

Email your poetry submission to Pentimento’s Poetry Editor, Marie Kane:  pentimentopoetry@aol.com

If you prefer, mail your submission to:

Pentimento Magazine

PO Box 615

Lambertville, NJ  08530

We will try to respond within 2 – 4 months, but it may take longer.  Send an email query if you have not heard from us after four months.

We will pay $25 – $50 for a published submission. Payment for previously published work will be reduced.  A contract will be sent upon acceptance.

All rights revert to the author upon publication.

Thank you for your interest in Pentimento.