We publish essays, short stories, poetry, and interviews.  We are seeking authentic, well-written essays and poetry with a disability-related theme.  Submissions may be by a individual with a disability or an individual who is part of the community such as a family member, educator, therapist, etc. Please indicate in your submission which category you are in.


We are seeking photographs and artwork by individuals with a disability or photographs with a disability-related theme. We are also seeking artwork by a child or young adult with a disability for the magazine cover.

The Readers’ Pen

The Readers’ Pen is a space in the magazine devoted to first person, non-fiction writing by our readers on a particular topic.  Submissions may be edited and contributors can approve or disapprove of the changes prior to publication. Click on the Readers’ Pen page for writing topics and submission deadlines.


We are seeking first-person writing by an individual with a disability, in particular children and young adults. The submission does not necessarily need to be well-written and will not be edited.